Welcome to my new Website!

Welcome to the new ajfostercomedy.com!
One of my priorities this year was making sure my online presence grew accordingly as my career does. This website refresh was long overdue and I hope the new site is much more visually appealing as well as functional for all visitors. Take a look and tell me what you all like. Also, stay tuned for more additions to come, as well as my weekly OFIM Blog post every Monday afternoon.

Speaking of new editions… I’ve got my first line of merchandise on hand! I have some t-shirts, stickers, and coozies that I will be selling after shows primarily, but other arrangements can be made if you ask nicely! 🙂 Really excited to see how well these move and to add some more/different items in the future.

Major shoutout to Nick Rauscher of 3zero Creative Design & Marketing for helping me out with this whole process. He put in the major design work to bring all of my visions to reality. This site is still a work in progress, as we plan on adding many additional features, and this is just the beginning of our work to improve on the AJ Foster brand.

Oh yea! I’m looking for some testimonials to add to the site. I’ve got a few comments pulled from Facebook that are in that section now, but if anyone would like to offer their testimonial for me to display on my site, please email me and I’ll post it up. Thanks!