The Choke Felt ‘Round The Country

Alright, in case you missed it, I was featured in the Indian Country Today in an article about THIS viral image that I posted on Instagram last week. The amount of attention that I received over the past few days has been overwhelming at times. I had to turn off my notifications on my iPhone to stop the constant Facebook likes, comments, Instagram and Twitter alerts from interrupting my normal daily activities. However, I am extremely happy to see that so many Native American people around the country appreciate my post and continue sharing it on social media.

I’ve read through just about all of the comments on Facebook and the majority of them were very positive. I’d say only 1% were negative comments from people who either A) Don’t have a sense of humor, B) Are ignorant to race and social issues faced by various ethnic groups in this country, or C) Just flat out don’t care about offending any group of people if the problem doesn’t directly affect them. I was well aware when I initially posted the photo that some people wouldn’t understand it and there could potentially be some backlash, so I’d say a 99% approval rating is a major win in my book and the love definitely outweighs the hate.

I’ve received dozens of messages from Natives all over just thanking me for bringing awareness to this cause with my humor. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make fun of this ridiculous sign which any town should be embarrassed to have as its official seal in present day America. I fully understand the discomfort it may cause having constant reminders thrown in your face all the time of how your ancestors were mistreated and slaughtered. I’d imagine the equivalent for my people would be a town seal depicting a black slave being whipped in a cotton field… so yea, I get it.

Many people told me that this post made a fan out of them once they realized I was a comedian and they would be looking forward to seeing me perform live one day. I chuckled to myself a few times when asked when “my tour” would be coming to a particular city. Ha! I wish I had my own tour, but right now I’m just a struggling comic (writing this blog on my lunch break from my day job) trying to reach my dreams. I would love nothing more than to be setting up gigs in Montana, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, Montreal, and all of the other places where new fans have inquired about me doing a live show.

Maybe with all of your help I could get booked in your city. If you are really serious about seeing AJ Foster live then just call up your local comedy club and request them to book me. Refer them to my website or have them email me at I will gladly pack up my car and drive around the country to make you all laugh. Maybe this could be the spark I need to help propel my career to the next level.

ICTquoteP.S. No white people were harmed in the making of this photo! Lol I’m not a violent person and I don’t condone or promote violence against ANY person or group of persons! I’m not “Anti-White” and I actually love my friends and neighbors here in Whitesboro. I’ve read some real militant – “Yeah! Kill Whitey” – type posts in relation to my pic and I’m just like…. “Nahhhh it’s not that serious bro!” Also, thank you to fellow comic Larry O’Grady for being a part of this.