I Suck At This

I suck at this. I should really stop promising to deliver some sort of content on any periodic basis because deep down I know I’ll never keep up with that schedule, but if I don’t verbally commit to it then I’ll probably never post anything. Part of it is just the struggle between posting something just for the sake of posting OR actually waiting until I have some news that I feel is worthy of sharing to actually write about it. I know there aren’t too many readers here anyway, but I don’t wanna let you guys down so I’m doing my best. Should have a few exciting things coming up in the next several weeks/months so there will be some noteworthy posts.

I didn’t have any shows this past weekend. I went home and spent some time with my family (not enough) and I had to take care of some personal matters while I was in town. Back to the grind this week though with a couple shows on the Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour in 2 more small towns that most people who don’t live in these areas have never heard of! YAY! Friday night I’ll be at the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, NY and Saturday night it’ll be the Russell Theater in Russell, NY.

Honestly, this entry isn’t the “good one” that I posted about on Facebook. I just figured that mentioning it publically would motivate me to actually complete it, but it didn’t lol I won’t say much about it, but I have a very good idea that I think will be successful so I think it deserves a lil more time to develop. I was gonna rush it and just throw it up this morning, but I’m gonna take my time on that post and make sure it’s good. It could potentially shape the direction of all my future blogs so I wanna do it right! So the next post on here will definitely be a “good one”.

And going forward, what would you like to see more of from me? Memes? Short 15 second Instagram videos? Longer video blogs? Let me know. I’ll be putting a lot of work into increasing my online presence in the next few months as I gear up for these next steps in my career!