I Know I’m Late

Yea I usually post these blogs in the afternoon. The current time is 9:08pm as I sit here and begin to write this on my old Windows Vista laptop that I’ve had since 2007 when I was still in college after my big silver Dell Inspiron Laptop died on me. But I said I’m gonna write a blog every Monday so dammit I’m gonna post this blog tonight! In my defense, it really feels like 8:08 because of the time change this weekend, but whatever…

I’m tired. I haven’t actually rested on a weekend in months. I don’t have any shows this coming weekend so that’s what I will do. I will rest. This weekend I drove home to the city and I had a show at Broadway Comedy Club on Saturday. It was my first time at this club and I had about 25 friends and family members come out to support me. Its always nerve-wracking performing in front of people that know me well because I know they view me in a totally different light than strangers that are seeing me for the first time. They know what’s true and what’s fabricated in my set and I know I’m being judged different. Plus I feel pressured to do different bits that they haven’t heard and not make them sit through me telling the same exact jokes for the 20th time! But I did well and I know they’ll enjoy seeing me perform regardless anyway.

Here’s a random ass pic of me and a painting of Chris Rock on a wall

Gonna try to take it easy this week. Just an open mic or two during the week because I really don’t know how to sit still and just not do anything, but I won’t be traveling far or staying out late at all. Once the weekend hits, I’m shutting myself down for a bit and not doing anything until I head to Jacksonville next week for my APCA Showcase. Really looking forward to that and hoping this goes well because it could end up being a career changing event for me. I learned a lot from my first time showcasing a couple of months ago and I’m so ready to put that knowledge to use and just have fun. I heard the Ying Yang Twins will be there. I just wanna see them perform Get Low one time so we can go from the windowwwwww to the wall. Til the sweat drops from my balls! Awwwwww skeet skeet skeet skeet! Ok I’m clearly sleepy. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight.