Evacuate The Premises


Today is a rough one! Came home for lunch like I often do. I usually eat a lil subway sandwich, relax for a bit and then head back to finish off the second half of my day. Well the universe had another plan for me this afternoon!

The snow plow guy for the building got a lil reckless and crashed into the gas meter on the side of the house. MAJOR LEAK!! Took just a few mins before the smell of gas started filling up the apartments. Luckily our building is literally 2 blocks from the Firehouse so they responded really quick and immediately evacuated the whole building.

Unfortunately, the trucks had the whole street blocked off and they wouldn’t let me (or anyone else) drive away. So it’s 0 degrees in Whitesboro (-17 with the windchill and YES that is Fahrenheit!) and we’re all standing outside in the cold until the fire fighters let us sit in the big fire engine and warm up for a while until they drove all of us residents down to the station.

Now we’re sitting here waiting on the word and hoping our home doesn’t blow up. I do have renters insurance just in case! It’d be a shame if that brand new 3D tv and all the clothes I just bought on that 10K Gucci shopping spree were to burn up……. 👀

I really hope nothing serious happens. Hopefully I can go home tonight. I’ve already got a pretty busy week ahead planned as it as. Don’t really have time to be homeless on top of that. Really don’t wanna cancel any shows to look for a new place to live.

I might post an update tmrw to let you guys know what’s going on.