Finger Lakes Comedy Festival

Had an amazing time at the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival in Ithaca, NY this past weekend. I did 5 shows in 2 days during the festival, but the best part to me was just making new friends and hanging out with the other comics. Comics came from all over NY to be a part of the festival and 2 comics even came from as far as Dallas, TX (Thomas Nichols, real funny guy, one of my favorites from the festival) and L.A. It helped me put into perspective just how many funny people are all over the state (and country) and I was just motivated so much to write more and just keep getting better!

I missed out on the last day of the festival to head to a gig that I had booked already in Waverly, NY which is a small town in the middle of-the middle of nowhere! (Not a typo! That means it was DEEP in the middle of nowhere.) Definitely enjoyed performing there with Aaron Ward and his ‘Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour’. The crowd at the Railhouse was great, but the drive home after that show was NOT! Got caught up in the snow storm Saturday night and that added another hour onto my already 2.5 hr drive. I got home safe so that’s all that matters I guess.

Now I’m sitting at my desk on my lunch break typing this quick blog up, thinking to myself “OFIM!” After that long weekend, I’d much rather be curled up in bed at home right now, but bills must be paid. I complain about Mondays all the time, but I’m no fool. I know I’m blessed to even have a job and be able to support myself. (And I’m not just saying this because my boss is following me now lol) Thankful that I wake up healthy every morning and I never stop counting my blessings. Still… just one of these snowy Monday morning, it would be nice to wake up to a text, an email (hell… even a tweet!) from my job saying that we’re closed. I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

My next show will be this Wednesday at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, NY. Really hoping the weather cooperates that night. I am worried that another heavy snowfall might happen that night and I really don’t wanna have to cancel on this one because I’m looking forward to it, but safety first. Tickets and info can be found HERE or just check out Helium’s website at