I’m Facebook Friends with My Boss

So I got a friend request from my boss last week. I accepted it because, why not? Then I posted a lil joke about it on Facebook and the majority of responses were telling me how much of a mistake that was. Well, it’s been about a week now and I still have a job so I feel good about that at least. Oh, and I haven’t changed anything about the way I post on FB or the things I say. I’m just gonna continue being myself.

My thing is, at that point when I received the notification of the Friend Request, it was already too late. I have to see this man every day and denying that pending request would be much worse than just accepting it in my book. Rejecting that connection makes it seem like I have something to hide (which I really don’t). I never post anything that would jeopardize my employment. I’m pretty careful with my public image. I actually care much more about what my mom and the rest of my family will have to see on my page than my boss and work colleagues.

I’m at a much different point in my comedy career and life in general than I was about 2 years ago. Back then, I would’ve dreaded seeing that notification, but I also took much more precautions to make sure no one from work even found that facebook profile (I had 2 accounts at the time, not anymore). Now I openly discuss my comedy life at work, I’ve got a bunch of other friends from the workplace so I knew this day was coming. As long as he keep approving my time off requests, he’s fine by me!

As far as I’m concerned, he wanted to connect to me as a “fan” and not as my boss. He’d just like to read some of my posts for laughter and stay updated on my gigs around here like a normal person. Pretty sure he’s not gonna monitor my every word like big brother and write me up for inappropriateness. I’ll be fine folks.

Speaking of inappropriateness, Black History Month just began and in celebration of my African heritage, I will be working like a slave this week. Pretty packed schedule for the next 4 weeks. In addition to the normal day gig + part time training at Powerhouse, I’ve got multiple stand up gigs each week, starting with several appearances at the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival this weekend in Ithaca. Show schedule and more info about the whole festival can be found HERE!