Competition Season

OK, it’s been exactly 1 month since my last blog post. We can look at this one of 2 ways. The first was “omg it’s been a whole month since my last post” and the other is “hey it’s ONLY been 1 month since my last post???”. Here I was thinking that I had been neglecting my people for so long and it’s really only been 30 days without a post. Neglecting you from what? I’m not even sure. This blog is just about me sharing some random experiences and my progress as I grow into a full-time working comic.

It really felt like much longer since my last post because I have really been busy. I made a couple trips down to the city where I closed a show at NYCC and then I performed at Stand Up NY for the first time on a night when Chris Destefano from Guy Code was closing the show. I performed with Comedy CNY at the Thousand Islands Winery up in Alex Bay. I competed in the Unforgettable Comedy Challenge in Syracuse and advanced to the finals which will be held at the Funny Bone on August 6th. Then I had an amazing time performing with Sam Tripoli and Warren B. Hall for all of this past weekend.

Just writing all of that made me tired. It may not seem like much to some people, but to me it’s everything. It’s 10x more than I was doing in the same span last year and I do it all while still trying to maintain my “normal life”. The main reason that I work as hard as I do now is so I don’t have to work as hard in the future. I have big dreams and I’ll be damned if anyone or anything stops me from reaching my goals.

In addition to my recent performances, I’ve been getting my leg work in off stage. Networking, planning future gigs, writing and working out new material like crazy. I’m trying to build up an act so strong that it kills wherever I go and I’m gonna need it in these competitions that I’m signed up for. I’ve got the Funniest Person in Rochester Contest coming up, then after the finals of the Unforgettable Contest I’m excited to be competing on the Last Comix Standing contest at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. It would be great if I won just one of these competitions. It would be amazing if I won two! If I miraculously manage to win all three, I’m changing my name to Kanye West cuz you can’t tell me nothin!

I don’t even remember what the original point was that I wanted to make when I first had the thought to write this blog earlier this morning, but I’m sure it’ll come back to me soon. Guess it’ll be included in the next blog (which will be less than a month from now). Oh yea, I’ll be in Canada this weekend with Anna Phillips and Chrissie Cunningham for a Guns N’ Syrup show. I’ll be hanging out in Toronto Friday night and doing a benefit show in Brampton, Ontario on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll have some fun things to talk about when I get back from there. Til next time… I’ll holla!