Coal House Rock

Last night I headlined another gig. I’m getting really confident in my ability to hold a crowd’s attention for an extended set and consistently make them laugh the whole time. It’s a major step for me to develop into my longer set from the shorter “opening act” type sets I’m used to doing, but I think I’m making the transition as seamlessly as possible. I’m still not up to a full hour, but I’ve done a solid 45 mins each time I’ve headlined so far and I know I have another 10 mins of material in my back pocket that I just didn’t pull out that night.

The people at the Coal House in Vestal were great! Major shoutout to Andy, who booked me, and his whole family for taking care of me and the other comics while we were there. For a place that isn’t known for doing comedy, they sure ran a nice show. It was a small venue, but we packed the seats in there tight and the crowd was very attentive and full of energy. Sometimes I really enjoy those little intimate shows more than the larger rooms. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy coming into these small towns and being treated like a star. I definitely had a good time.

The rest of June will be pretty exciting for me as well. I’ll be in Dallas next weekend, then back in NYC the weekend after that at New York Comedy Club, and then wrapping up the month with a big show up in Alex Bay at the Thousand Island Winery. Got some other projects in the works as well. Some possible YouTube sketches and I may start writing some comedy blogs for a local Utica website. Stay tuned