I’m Having the Time of My Life

I’m really having a lot of fun doing comedy right now. I’ve said it before that there was a point last year where I was really just taking it too serious. I was trying so hard to be the best and win every competition I entered. I had some success, but whenever I did lose something I beat myself up about it. I’m still tough on myself now and very critical of each performance I have, but I’ve learned to live in the moment more. Of course I still want to improve and continue to grow, but I’m definitely stopping to smell the flowers along the way now.

That being said, I’ve made some tremendous progress in the last couple of months. I’m really finding myself as a comic and getting very comfortable on stage. There was a point when I would go a couple weeks at a time without getting up in front of an audience, but lately I’m on a mic multiple times a week and that extra stage time is really paying off. I’m working with nationally touring acts and just soaking up whatever wisdom they have to offer from their multiple years of experience.

I really don’t remember where I was even going with this blog. I started writing about an hour ago and after several interruptions I’ve completely lost my original train of thought. I’m still happy tho. *Starts singing Pharell’s song* “Because I’m happpppyyyyyy”

Anyway, next couple shows coming up:

I’m at Greenwich Village in NYC this Friday 5/16 @ 8pm. Call 929-251-3320 to reserve tickets.

Monday I’ll be in Rochester and next Friday I’m in Cherry Valley, NY. I know there was something else I wanted to write about, but I might post another blog tomorrow if I remember it.

P.S. Stay out of elevators with pissed chicks. I think a new phrase may have been born from that situation. Whenever you’re about to get into an altercation with someone, don’t ask them if they wanna take it outside. Ask them if they wanna take it to the elevator.

Ok goodnight!

Post show with Headliner Greg Morton this past weekend. Things got crazy that night

Post show with Headliner Greg Morton this past weekend. Things got crazy that night