Am I Doing Too Much?

My goal of keeping fresh content on the site has been a bust, I know. Not to make excuses (here comes an excuse), but I have soooo much to do and I really feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I seamlessly transfer from being a nerdy IT guy, to a sometimes drill Sargent-like fitness instructor, to a funny guy on a mic on any given day. I do a fairly decent job at balancing it all out and making it work, but lately I’ve been feeling like maybe I’m spreading myself too thin.

It’s such a complex I battle with. The many hats I wear and the roles I take up make me who I am. I believe it’s really important to be a well-rounded individual and not become one-dimensional. But at the same time, to become an expert in any single area requires much dedication and focus to that subject. I read a quote somewhere from Bruce Lee that said something like “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times”. I’m over here practicing 10,000 kicks!

If I’m gonna get better at my comedy (which is the ultimate goal above all) I have to completely devote myself to it. Anything else can almost be seen as a distraction. I got bills to pay though. Not like I can just quit my day job cuz I sure ain’t making enough from of my comedy gigs to survive off. So that’s not an option cuz I’ve gotta be a responsible adult and not end up a funny bum on the street.

And I definitely don’t wanna quit the gym. It keeps me sane. So many days I count down the hours, minutes and seconds at my job just waiting to leave and get to the gym for a good workout to release some tension. Plus once I start any challenge, I never like to give up. It would be too easy, and very lazy of me to walk away from this and not keep pushing myself. On top of that, I really love my team. They’ve really become a second, or third, or fourth family to me. I don’t know how many families I have at this point. Everyone adopts me like I’m some stray puppy that just wanders around the neighborhood and everyone keeps a bowl out back for me just in case I stop by that night.

So what other option do I have? Suck it up and keep working hard I guess. It’ll all pay off one day. No success story is complete without the struggle. This will be my story. I find a lot of comedy in all that I do too. So every relationship that I’ve built around these duties gives me multiple interactions that make for good stories to tell when I perform on stage.

Speaking of performing on stage: my next show is this Saturday (3/29) at George O’Dea’s in Syracuse, NY where I’ll be hosting the next stop on The 3 Phils Tour. I’ll be posting all my dates for April this weekend which will include a trip to Ithaca, Oneonta, Pennsylvania and whole weekend of hosting shows at the Funny Bone in Cuse. Still in talks with people about booking a few other things as well and lining my ducks up to continue making this the most productive year of my career so far and keep striving to reach my dreams.