I’m a Powerhouse!

So if you’ve been reading my blog (does anyone actually read my blog???) you’ve seen me make reference to being a fitness instructor. In addition to my full-time day job in IT and my pursuit of my comedy dream some nights and weekends, I also lead some group fitness classes at my local Powerhouse Gym.

How did that happen? I kinda just fell into it actually. I never planned to or had any intentions on becoming a fitness instructor or trainer. I joined the gym a couple years ago to get to get fit because I was kinda getting out of shape. I was always active in my youth, playing basketball and even ran some track. After I graduated college I didn’t like the way my body was starting to feel.

Most people think getting in shape is all about looking fit, but that’s not always the case. My primary reason was staying healthy and feeling good. My diet sucked. I was pretty much living off of pizza, hot pockets, and Oreos. I was always tired and sluggish and even tho I appeared to still be pretty thin, I would feel winded if I jogged a couple feet. I don’t even smoke so that was unacceptable to me.

So I joined the gym and started working out. I got hooked on this group fitness class created by Les Mills called BodyPump. It’s a 55 min full body workout using a barbell and free weights. It’s all about using light weights with alottttttta reps to strength abs tone your muscles.

Well long story short, there came a time where the gym was short on instructors. Since I had been faithfully doing the program multiple times a week for a few months, the gym managers/owners suggested that I become a trainer.

Me??? A trainer??? I didn’t know anything about fitness. I was just a dude trying to get in shape. But they encouraged me to go for it and I had a team of other trainers for support that all welcomed me to the team from day one. I went away to training to begin a 3 month process to become a certified instructor and he rest is history. It really kinda just happened like that.

I’ve been leading group fitness classes at Powerhouse Gym in Utica since last May. Through a lot of hard work, I’ve recently added another certification under my belt. Who knows what’s next. Once you get started it’s really kinda addictive. I enjoy challenging myself, getting strong and pushing all of my class participants to reach their fitness goals as well. It’s pretty fun to me and getting paid for it instead of paying for a gym membership is great too.

I just pulled a double this morning; taught both of the programs I am certified in. Now I’m gonna kick my feet up and enjoy the rest of this Sunday afternoon. Anyone in the area looking to get fit, or just add some new training programs to your workout regimen, come see me and my team at Powerhouse. We’ll be waiting for you.