Rest Day

Well this has been an eventful week. I’m proud to say I’m still laying in bed right now, writing this blog on my iPhone. This has been the first day in over a month I’ve been able to sleep in. I’ve either been traveling or just had things to do the past few weekends so I’m enjoying this Saturday of rest.

Thursday night’s Guns N Syrup show was great. I got to meet 3 new comics from Canada and they were hilarious. Definitely staying in touch with those guys (and gal) and I want to make a trip to Toronto later this year to work with them on their home turf.

Got another show tomorrow night in Oneonta, NY near the Ommegang Brewery (which I mentioned in this video blog here in case you missed it; also posted on my Videos page). That’ll definitely be fun and one of the Canadians, Chrissie Cunningham, will be coming through for a guest spot as well.

Got a couple more dates added to my Schedule for the early part of February. Trying my best to get my calendar booked up as much as I can all while still working a full time job and another part time at the gym. I’m in the final stages of completing another Les Mills fitness certification so I guess I really should talk more about my gym life a lil more. I’ll dedicate my next blog to just that so I can elaborate on some things. I’ve got some plans and goals to make that a big part of what I do as a comic soon.

Oh yea, the twitter widget isn’t functioning for some reason so I’ll be pulling that from the site until I can figure out how to make it work properly. Other than that, still thinking of a few additions I can make to spice the site up a bit. I’m open to suggestions if you have any that I can technically pull off on my own. Message me on Facebook or email me Signing off for now. Til next time, I’ll holla!

Guns N Syrup Show Lineup (left to right: Headliner Michael Harrison, Host and Co-Creator Anna Phillips, Co-Creator Chrissie Cunningham, Phil Farda, Mark DeBonis, and some funny black guy)