Snowed In

So the Blizzard of 2014 struck just 2 days into the new year and as result I’m stuck snowed in at my mom’s house. Oh yea and I have a cold! This has been an eventful week. Monday I went back to work after being on vacation all of last week. I also returned to the gym (I’m a part time fitness instructor for those of you who don’t know; I’ll speak more on that in a later blog). Then Tuesday night after work I traveled to Saratoga Springs, NY to bring in the New Year partying with some friends at a nightclub in the casino. That was an experience… won’t say too much about it. Almost like the “what happens in Vegas…” philosophy, but the events that transpired most likely contributed to me being sick now.

Wednesday afternoon I returned to the city to be with my family in preparation for my Uncle Bob’s funeral service last night. Uncle Bob was my great uncle, my dad’s uncle. He was the 4th child out of 11 that my great grandparents had. I was talking to my Aunt Deb last week (when I was at the “Westchester Mansion” referenced in my previous blog) and she told me a funny story about a conversation she had with her mom many years ago. Deb is the second youngest of the 11 children. One day she said “Ma, what made you have 11 kids? That seems a bit excessive”. My great grandma gave her a look and said “well you tell me where I should’ve stopped”. “Good point ma” she said, then my great grandmom looked at my Aunt Sharon (who is the baby of the bunch) and said “child you barely made the cut. I was so tired after the first 10.

I thought that story was so hilarious and it gave me a tiny glimpse into my great grandma’a character. I never had the opportunity to know her because she passed before I was born but I felt her personality through that little anecdote. It made me think about how much of her personality was probably passed down to me through the family genes. I know I get a lot of my wittiness and sense of humor from growing up around my dozens of cousins between these 2 generations. Honestly, my whole family is pretty funny including Uncle Bob, may he rest in peace.

He impacted so many people with his life. He was an entrepreneur and he employed hundreds of people throughout the years. He spent the last decade back and forth between NY and the Dominican Republic where he formed some partnerships and started a few businesses as well. To see that there were people who traveled all the way from DR to pay their respects to him spoke volumes about how influential he was. My biggest takeaway from his service was to make sure when my time is up on this Earth that people will remember me for all the great things I did with my life. I need to leave an impact on this world and not just occupy space while I’m here on Earth.

Sadly we could not lay him to rest this morning as planned. The blizzard postponed everything so I won’t be able to attend that portion of the funeral because I have to return to work on Monday. Today I’ll just focus on trying to fight this cold. I posted a short clip of my last show on YouTube. I’ll also put it in the videos section of this site. And I’m feeling generous so I’ll share another bonus clip from that same show in a few. Give you guys something to laugh at if you’re snowed in too. Til next time, I’ll holla!