I Hate Driving in NYC

So I’m on vacation down in NYC to be with my family for the holidays and I can’t stand driving in this city. I can’t stand it all year round, but it’s especially stressful during this busy holiday season. Everyone is in a rush and they all drive like they’re the only one on the road. People cut you off like its nothing and they get mad at you for being in their way when they so suddenly decided to switch lanes at the last second.

After just two days of driving here, I’m pretty sure my blood pressure has risen to astronomical levels. My road rage was at an all time high this morning when I had to wake up at 8am and move my car to avoid getting a ticket for alternate side parking rules. I actually sat double parked in my car for an hour and a half waiting for the time I could again legally park at 10am. I watched a traffic cop write a ticket for one car that didn’t move and guess what??? THE STREET SWEEPER NEVER EVEN CAME!!! (For those of you who don’t know, alternate side parking rules are supposed to allow the city to clean the streets by forcing the parked cars to clear that side of the street. So this person essentially got a ticket for nothing because no cleaning even took place this morning).

That’s not where my rage came from though. No, I really got upset when everyone decided to start claiming these parking spaces at 9:30am (a half an hr early) and somehow I got boxed in by traffic on the other side of the street. Then when I got free, my spot that I had been patiently waiting for was being occupied by some asshole in a big SUV who decided to take up a space that 3 cars could fit in by parking right in the middle instead of pulling all the way up. So I pull up beside him and politely gesture for him to move up some and he rolls his window down to say “no I’m not coming out”. Ummm no one asked if you were coming out. I just want you to pull up some so I can park my tiny Civic in this humongous space that you’re hoarding.

Then it hit me. He’s doing this on purpose. He’s trying to hold that spot for someone else who isn’t even here right now. Now I’m not one to be pushed over and I’ll admit I’m really petty and stubborn at times so I wasn’t giving up on that space. I threw my hazard lights on and backed into the space anyway, knowing that I couldn’t fit, but I was determined to stay there anyway and make sure no one else could get the spot. Either it’s gonna be mine or no one else is getting it. So my car is sticking out halfway into the street and blocking some oncoming traffic, but I don’t care. People are honking at me and the asshole in the SUV is saying something I can’t understand, but from his expression and body language, I could tell they weren’t very polite words.

Honestly, I blacked out for a second. My skin turned green and my shirt started ripping as my muscles bulged lol I know I was banging on my dashboard and screaming some obscenities so loud that even with my windows closed and the music up, people outside the car could still hear me. Then I got out my car and approached the asshole in the SUV and not so politely told him to stop being an asshole and move up… and he did. He didn’t like me when I was angry.

I really shouldn’t have had to turn into the Incredible Hulk just to get a parking space on a Monday morning. It’s sad how inconsiderate some people are, and just 2 days before Christmas too. I’m really trying not to let this incident, along with all of the other incapable drivers I’ve encountered in these streets, steal my Holiday Spirit, but it’s gonna be tough. I’m in a real “Bahumbug” mood right now, but I’ll let you guys know how I’m feeling on Wednesday.

Anyways, gotta go outside now to make sure no one busted my windows out or slashed my tires. I’ll holla