Welcome to AJFosterComedy.com

Welcome to my website! It may be a bit unorthodox to have a “welcome blog” for a site that I created over a year ago, but I spent a good amount of time revamping it this weekend so it all feels pretty new to me. I’ve got a new layout, color scheme (or lack of color), a new video up and most important – I’ve purchased my own domain name! Now it’ll be a lot easier for people to find me on the web and all of my promo materials will have my site as www.ajfostercomedy.com

The site is still pretty basic and could use a few more elements, but it’s a start in the right direction and I’m excited about working on it and making it much better. My number one goal is to actually post content on here and actively promote the site to keep you all coming back. So in addition to having my social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) AJFosterComedy.com will be the one stop shop for all info on my upcoming events and what’s going on in my life.