I’m Opening for Ronnie Jordan!!!

If you follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram, then you’ve probably already saw my big story for the day! In 2 weeks I will have the honor of opening for comedian Ronnie Jordan when he performs at Ithaca College. You’ve seen him on BET’s Comic View and P.Diddy’s Bad Boys of comedy. He’s probably most know for his “that fat man at the door” joke (which still makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it). I’ve know about this for a few weeks now but it became really official last night and to see my name on that flier with him was a real good look.

This is a big deal for me because Ronnie happens to be one of my favorite comedians in the game right now. He’s someone who I used to watch before I even began doing stand up and I used to say to myself “man I wanna be funny like that one day”. So I look at this opportunity as a big step in my career for the fact that I can even share a stage with someone who I used to watch on tv and say “I wanna do that!” Now I can only imagine that in the future some up and coming comedian will be as excited to open for me on day.


[Note: S/O to Chris Miree, my Finger Lakes Comedy Festival’s Funniest Comic Co-Champion who will be the other opening act on this night]



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